Jenny Riser Recliner from £990

The Jenny Rising Recliner is the ultimate in comfort, with three adjustable fibre-filled back cushions ensuring you are supported from your head and neck to your lumbar region. The full chaise seat means you'll have your whole leg supported when you have your feet up.  You have the choice of a wide range of fabrics and leathers.  This recliner is made in petite, small, medium and large sizes, ensuring that this luxury riser recliner can be made to suit people of all heights and sizes.  You may also choose whether you would like a single motor riser recliner or a dual motor riser recliner. 

The Jenny lift and rise recliner is available to try in Dennetts, so come in today to try it for yourself.

All Dennetts rise and recline chairs come with a 5 year guarantee.

From: £990 + VAT

Price quoted excludes VAT and is for a single motor riser recliner.  To find out more about VAT exemptions, please read this FAQ.

Made in Great Britain


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