Powered Recliners

Dennetts has the best selection of electric recliner chairs in Birmingham, Solihull and the West Midlands/

Powered recliner chairs are the perfect way to relax - your favourite position is at the touch of a button. Electric reclining chairs are controlled either by discreet buttons on the side of your chair or settee, or with an easy to use handset. All Dennetts powered recliners are made in either fabric or leather, and there are sizes to suit everyone. If you wish to buy a powered reclining sofa, these can be made in 2 and 3 seaters. Electric recliners are the ultimate in luxury, and the feeling of sitting in your recliner settee or recliner chair and stretching out just cannot be matched by any other type of chair.  

Come into the Dennetts showroom to see a full choice and to try a powered recliner for yourself.