Your Chair Buying Guide from Dennetts Furniture Birmingham

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If you are considering buying a new chair or recliner, below you'll find a few tips from the experts at Dennetts to help you decide on your best option.

With 4 generations of experience in helping people to sit comfortably, the team at Dennetts are passionate about helping you choose the right size and type of chair.

Questions to ask yourself:

What size chair will I need?

All Dennetts' chairs come in different sizes and the team will make sure you sit in the correct seat height and depth, taking into consideration the width of the chair and the height of the back you need.  The ideal seat height is one where your hips and thighs are at right angles to your shins.  Many modern suites and chairs have a very low seat height and a very deep seat, making it difficult for you to stand to your feet, but here at Dennetts you'll find a large choice of chairs that will fit you. 

Do I want to get my feet up?

If the answer is yes, then a recliner is for you.  An electric recliner will allow you to set the height of the footrest at whatever level is comfortable.  A manual recliner will let you sit with your feet up.

If you do not want to sit with your feet up, then come and try Birmingham and Solihull’s biggest selection of fireside and orthopaedic chairs.  The different styles and sizes will allow you to sit upright and make standing much easier.

Is my back sore and achey and in need of support?

Speak to the Dennetts advisors to ensure you try out chairs with the correct seat depth and height.  All Dennetts chairs have excellent back support, with lumbar cushioning and head and neck support being a priority.

Try out a few different styles to ensure you have some good comparisons before you make your choice.  You may find that a recliner (and sitting with your feet up) really helps to take the pressure off your lower back region.

Should I buy a manual or electric recliner?

This depends on your mobility and your budget.  Electric recliners are very easy for anyone to use, allowing you to get your feet up and recline at the touch of a button. Manual recliners are operated with your body weight and require some leg strength to close the foot rest.  Electric recliners will make a slightly larger dent in your budget, but are the ultimate in luxury and ensure you keep your independence for longer. 

Do I need a little help standing to my feet?

Dennetts Riser Recliners will help you to stand with just the push of a button and much less physical effort than standing from a normal chair. If you have an ailment or disability, you may qualify for VAT exempt purchasing.