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Whatever your dimensions are we have the chair for you. We can provide comfort for every single person without any compromises. The Parker chair ranges in size from 24" to 35" seat widths and comes in a wide range of weight requirements up to 70 stones. So you'll always find a chair that will fit your requirements.

Made in Great Britain


- Two motors allow the leg rest and back to work independently.

- The leg rest can be brought up to a semi recline position or full horizontal. 

- The back rest can independently recline from the leg rest, thus giving you full flexibility to choose the right chair position for your personal comfort. 

- When the seat is in the rise position it tilts transferring your weight to your knees talking away the pressure from your hips and allowing you to walk away easier from the chair. 

- With this mechanism you may experience some "back shearing" as the back reclines and opens away from the seat. 

- This mechanism can be tailored to meet individual needs and additional motors used as required. 

- The handset features between four and six buttons depending of the mechanism that is chosen. 

Fabric Options

- All our health fabric are Waterproof, Anit-MRSA, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Crib 5 and bleach cleanable, and all cushions and cushion covers are removable for cleaning purposes.


Safety Devices

- 20 cycle back up unit. (The 20 cycle back up unit is a stand alone unit which can carry out 20 chair movements. this unit is an essential safety feature which will ensure that in the event of a power cut the chair can be moved into a sitting or tilt position).

- Anti entrapment sensor strip. (The anti-entrapment device is designed to prevent small objects from being trapped, whilst the rise and recliner is in use. Sensor strips are placed at strategic point around the bottom of the chair which detect close contact. in the event the chair reverses its moment to a safe position allowing the objects to be removed safely. 

Newark Heavy Duty Chairs

* Prices from £3295 + VAT *
- We can tailor the seat width, depth and seat height.

- A choice of back designs to suit the posture correctly. 

- The dual motor's can lift up to 40 stone. 

 - Seat options available as firm or soft. 

You may buy this Heavy duty Rising Recliner chair in either fabric or leather, and with the matching 2 or 3 seater sofa.

Large choice of covers, including waterproof and Anti-MRSA materials and leather.

Come in and try for yourself today.

All Dennetts rise and recline chairs come with a 5 year guarantee.

Price quoted excludes VAT.  To find out more about VAT exemptions, please read this FAQ.

Made in Great Britain
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