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Care Mattresses

Mattresses for Profiling Beds

Memory Adjustable MattressMemory Adjustable Mattress
Memory Adjustable Mattress
This layered foam mattress is constructed from a visco/memory foam topper and a supportive, filler-free reflex foam base to provide pressure relieving benefits. The Memory Comfort Mattress has a top layer containing memory foam.  This is designed to adjust to the contours of the body and distributes pressure around the body to enhance deep sleep and provide pressure relief. 3'    £475 4'.   £625 4'6  £725  
£595.00 £475.00
Natural 1000 Adjustable MattressNatural 1000 Adjustable Mattress
Natural 1000 Adjustable Mattress
An excellent value natural mattress with 1000 pocket springs, layered polyester and cottons for excellent comfort.  The mattress is supportive but overall has a softer feel and is ideal for lighter weight users.  The pocket springs individually respond to body shape and movement ensuring postural support. 3'    £525 4'    £775 4'6  £895 5'    £925  
£695.00 £525.00

Gel Pro 4000 Adjustable MattressGel Pro 4000 Adjustable Mattress
Gel Pro 4000 Adjustable Mattress
The Gel Pro 4000 is the ultimate hybrid adjustable mattress with a pocket count of 4000 and multiple layers of foams. The high-tech hybrid composition combines 1000 nested pocket springs with layered gel-infused foams and a 3000 pocket surface gel matrix that has both cooling and pressure relieving properties. The mattress is firm and supportive whilst specially designed to conform to the adjustable base. Stitched carry handles mean the mattress can be maneuvered on the bed and a ventilated top cover facilitates consistent airflow to prevent heat and moisture build up. 3'     £1175 4'     £1675 4'6   £1925 5'     £2200  
£1295.00 £1,175.00
Profiling Mattress
Profiling Mattress
The Serene is designed for use within care homes and the community. The Serene is a fully profiling mattress with foam castellations on both sides of the foam. The Serene also offers 4-way turn, designed to prolong the life of the mattress. 3'     £345 3'6   £445 4'     £545
£499.00 £345.00

Care Mattresses

Powered Adjustable Bed mattresses for Adjustable beds in Birmingham on display in the Dennetts, Birmingham showroom.  Orthopeadic and soft mattresses available to try on display in Birmingham, Dennetts Furniture.