3' Lincoln Adjustable Bed

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Lincoln Adjustable bed (headboard and drawer extra)

2'6" / 3' £799
3'6" / 4' £1295
4'6" £1295
5' (2x 2'6") £1595
6' (2x 3') £1595

The new Lincoln mattress consists of 50mm of memory foam on a luxurious, supportive layer of reflex foam. not only does this mattress fit to the contours of the body to reduce tossing and turning in the night, it also features Adaptive technology to keep you cool and dry, all night, every night. The Lincoln will allow you to control your comfort with this motion intelligent bed. The mattress is all foam and consists of 17cm supportive reflex foam with a further 5cm memory foam. The reflex foam acts as the spring system in an ordinary sprung mattress, it is breathable, supportive and durable. The memory foam will offer the luxury for the perfect nights sleep, contouring to your body to offer pressure relief and a deep comfort.

mattress tension: Firm 

The Lincoln Adjustable bed is hypoallergenic and breathable, with a deep quilted, zip off, straight line cover, and none turnable, so you would just rotate this mattress from head to toe. 

The Lincoln base features a 5-part motorised adjustable frame which allows you to effortlessly adjust the head and food end individually pr together in one fluent movement. the form is controlled by a six button, low voltage handset with splash proof motors. the motors operate quietly, so if you wake up in the early hours of the morning and need to adjust your position, the motor will not disturb your partner. one other advantage to this exquisite bed is the tension adjust sliders on the wooden slates, to increase or decrease support in the lower back region.

The Lincoln Adjustable Bed is upholstered in many fabrics, you can add drawers if you'd prefer the base to offer some storage to keep a clutter free bedroom, and if you are concerned about the durability of the bed, you can reinforce the base with a heavy duty frame, guaranteed to support up to 28 stone.

This Adjustable Bed is available Zero Rated, VAT Exempt if you have any medical conditions that are registered with your G.P. which allows you to purchase this bed VAT Free. If you'd like any more details on this, please contact a member of our team and they will more than happy to assist you with your purchase.

IN stock and on display at Dennetts

All Dennetts adjustable beds come with a 5 year guarantee.

Price quoted excludes VAT.  To find out more about VAT exemptions, please read this FAQ.